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Sugimoto and U2

You can hear the new single from U2, Get On Your Boots at their website. I like the intensity of the song – sort of like “Vertigo”. But it also has a different feel in the chorus, like Beetles but not, like middle eastern tuning but only for a second. U2 continues to grow artistically.

I also like the Sugimoto photo for the cover art. I was able to see a collection of his work at the Hirshhorn Museum in DC. It was a great exhibit and quickly turned me into a Sugimoto fan. I really enjoy minimalism in photography.

In fact I have attempted to recreate some of his ideas once while visiting Lake Erie.  Here is one of my feeble attempts:


Anyway, good song. I can’t wait for the album.

Get "No Line On The Horizon"

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Fast Food Photography

The Exposure Project reports on Jon Feinstein’s  new project, “Fast Food”. The Project looks at fast food stripped of its iconography and branding to give a stark look at the food stuffs itself. For me, it brings out the unappetizing, and more realistic, side of the industry. I never get a burger that looks as “hot and juicy” as it did in the commercial.


An irony of this post: I’m sitting in a McDonald’s parking lot as I’m writing this.

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