Crying is something that, though becoming more acceptable, is still taboo in certain situations. Guys scoff at athletes crying after loosing a championship, we try to have a stiff upper lip when we are injured. But I wonder if we do ourselves some harm by not allowing ourselves room to cry when needed. In Jewish culture during the time of Christ, I have heard that mourning was even done professionally. If you look through the OT, you see countless examples of crying – Jeremiah, David, Solomon… In the NT, Jesus Himself is said to weep for Lazarus. But we don’t want to weep. We think that we need to be strong in the face of adversity or at least appear to be so. Yet it seems to me that crying shows the reality of the situation – we are helpless to change many things that happen. We need to let go of our independence and realize that we are frightened children in a harsh world. In someways, crying is a confession of our fragility. Crying reveals our dependence on God.


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