I wish I could explain how good and rich life has been lately. I’m just a simple person who can’t quite explain the profound moments in life and doesn’t even know how to start.
Today Ihad a good time with my daughter Alina. We had a couple of hours to kill while Cay was at a birthday party. We went shopping and walked around the square in Chardon. And this girl just charmed her father. It was just wonderful andpleasant to talk with her and walk around. These are the simple things that seem so ordinary but are just packed with the good things of God. It is in the simple things that God moves and shows us the brilliance of His glory.
I guess that I am just a sentimental person but I haven’t found a better way to live.


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  1. 1 mcyoder
    January 16, 2005 at 10:15 pm

    One of my favorite songs is Cindy Morgan’s “How Could I Ask for More.” It really highlights how we should be thankful for all those little things and memories we have with our families. Life really is good. Sometimes we get so caught up in our jobs and achieving our goals that we forget about how good it is. -martha

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